小さな勲章 [東日本大震災]


謝謝台湾計画 完了

一边在2011.5.3 Taipei Taiwan买报纸,并且翻页,一边介绍刊登广告。 报纸是9画的联合报告和自由报时5画。 背景声音是当地TV广播。 内容跟本案由于一般新闻没有关系。 跟本·拉登暗杀的新闻重叠,并且人们认为如果日本的震灾报道的关联文章(自己只不能理解大致汉字标题和照片)少。 当天只没有も为目标以早晨4:00的酒店附近的7-Eleven,前一天2日的报纸,并且报纸少年达由于本地的人的话在日本好像是6:00以后。 当返回酒店,并且打瞌睡的も发生了的时候,到8:00,并且拍摄了正被在酒店事前请求的2种报纸。 自己也骄傲因由于护身和和在谢谢台湾计划作为执行的去了的管理员一起作为出资者的一个人活动了的6000名的行动一起能够了。 以及这次活动被台湾和日本的国民联结起来,并且祝到东北复兴的留言和事情。(Yahoo自動翻訳)

I introduce a publication advertisement while I buy a newspaper in 2011.5.3 Taipei Taiwan, and turning up a page. The newspaper is nine alliance reports and five free time signals. The undertone is field TV broadcasting. The contents are unrelated to this matter in general news. I overlap with news of the bin Laden assassination, and it is thought that there are few related stories (oneself can understand only a rough kanji entry and photograph) of the earthquake disaster news of Japan. There is only a newspaper of 2nd the day before, and the newspaper boy that it is said by the story of the local person in Japan seems to be after 6:00 on that day though I aim at Hotel neighboring Seven-Eleven of 4:00 a.m. It was 8:00 if I got up though I came back to the hotel and took a nap and photographed two that I asked a hotel for beforehand. Oneself is proud of that I was able to share an athletic supporter and the action of 6,000 people who acted with the management other people who carried out an apology apology Taiwan plan as one of the investors. And this activity ties Taiwan and the Japanese nation and prays for becoming the message to Tohoku revival.(Yahoo Auto translation)
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